Ready for a change?

Most smoothie shops charge $7-$10 PER SMOOTHIE, pack them FULL of added sugar, and (here's the kicker) use fruit concentrates and not REAL fruit.

In these course you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about making smoothies at home from fundamentals to dessert smoothies (coming soon) to protein packed smoothie (coming soon) to become a full pro (coming soon).

Hey, I'm Michael Murray

Back in high school, I got my very first job at a smoothie shop. After working there for over 2 years and making well over 20,000 smoothies and testing hundreds and hundreds of different recipes, I learned a thing or two.

After my last day there I found myself constantly returning spending more money on smoothies than I'm willing to admit. After a while (and looking at my bank account a few times) I thought to myself "Why don't I just make smoothies my self at home?" It's not like I knew how to make smoothies or anything...

After realizing how much money I was saving making smoothies and how EASY it really was, I decided to create this simple course to help you get started with making smoothies at home!